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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  August 15, 2016 1:00am-1:30am MST

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two-year-old twins rushed to the hospital after being found in their family's hot tub. the latest on their condition tonight. >> a man says a dps trooper
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why departments says the trooper handled things the right way. >> plus a big court battle over whether a marijuana measure will make it to this november's ballot. how soon a judge might decide. thank you for joining us for "fox 10 news" at 10:00. two-year-old twins rushed to the hospital this morning after slipping into their back yard hot tub unnoticed. >> they in a home in tempe. >> fox 10's danielle miller joins us live with an update on the condition tonight. >> still not sure at this time just how these twins got into their back yard or how they got into this above ground hot tub. the twins are still in the hospital tonight and listed in very critical condition. >> this just kinda shows that it doesn't have to be a traditional swimming pool that poses a danger. really any body of water, bathtubs, buckets and here we
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>> just after 11:00 this morning, tempe police and fire department responding to a neighborhood near priest drive in warner road for a drowning call involving two-year-old twins. neighbors tell us many people in the area have pools and hearing children were involved was heart breaking. >> i was praying for the god so nothing happen to them. >> it's just sad and very -- not good information. >> tempe police tell us the twins ash boy and a girl were found in the they say it was above ground with no varier. >> at -- barrier. >> at this time we believe that mother just looked away for just a few seconds and that's when the toddlers were able to go into the hot tub. >> the children were rushed here to cardon children's medical center for treatment. we are told the girl has been transferred to the icu and is breathing on her own. while the boy is still in the er with vitals showing and a heart beat. >> we heard it once and we heard
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it only takes a few seconds of inattention especially toddlers at that age. they are very, very mobile and they will find a way out into the yard. >> police say they will continue to investigate this near drowning to find out exactly what happened. at this point it does appear to be just a horrible accident. if we get any updated information on the twin's condition, we will pass those details along. reporting live, danielle miller, "fox 10 news. maricopa county sheriff's detectives have identified a man who drown in the salt river yesterday. he was 28-year-old, detectives say he was struggling in the water around 4:00 p.m. yesterday. good samaritans pulled him from the water near fox tail at the lower salt river after being under the water for four to five minutes. they started cpr until deputies arrived but sadly he did not survive. update to a story we first
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been raised for the chino valley officer whose baby was rushed to pch this weekend. officer steven farmer and his wife rushed their one-year-old daughter to the e.r. in prescott valley where they discovered that the baby's intestines and stomach had inverted. their daughter needed an expensive surgery and now the family needs help with their medical expenses. if you would like to help out families of the have it set up a go fund me page to help with medical costs. we will have a link on our page at >> may is seen this floating around on social media a valley man's facebook post about getting pulled over in a rental car that had stolen license plates. >> but we now know there is more to the story and dps is sharing their side of things. marcy jones is live to explain. >> that's right.
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sides. but in this case there is the added element of a third party mistake and that mistake is pretty big. according to dps, this took place in the williams area on i-40 and when the car in question exited the freeway after coming up in their system as stolen, that's when things took a turn. >> on patrol thursday evening a dps trooper ran a plate that came back as stolen. >> stolen license plate may not seem like a big deal but it is a lot of times people steal cars from another car and put it on there. we don't know that it's a stolen car until we are able to stop it and investigate it. >> according to their pio this is a high risk stop. following protocol, the trooper had his gun drawn while he approached the stopped car giving commands to which he says the driver kenneth walton did not follow. >> shut the vehicle off and rolled down his window and to step out of the car. he is not getting a response
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only person he could see in the vehicle. >> with backup ten to 15 minutes away. the trooper got closer to the car to make contact. unaware that a seven-year-old girl was in the imk seat. that's when -- in the back seat. that's when the girl popped up. >> weap pointing the gun at her. she sat up into his line of sighing. >> also in a facebook post, walton claims that the trooper tapped on the window with his pistol but that is not what dps says happened. tapped the window with his gun, it wasn't his gun, it was his ring finger following protocol, the officer placed walton in handcuffs and then determined it what's not a stolen plate but a mix up and he was let go. after dps saw walton's alarming account of the incident on facebook, they say they investigated the other side of the story right away. >> we understand his anger.
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the procedures in place for a reason and that's to protect everybody involved in the situation. honestly, mr. walton has every right to be angry and we support him in his anger. however we just feel he needs to direct it in the right place which is this never would have happened if the rental company would have removed the plates like they were supposed to. >> you may be asking yourself how did this whole mix up happen? dps says the plate number registered as stolen because the replace both the front and back license plates with a new number after they originally reported it stolen. adding it that they fixed that glitch and now that number is no longer in the fbi data base. reporting live, marcy jones, "fox 10 news." thank you. a judge could rule to allow a recreational marijuana proposition on the november ballot as early as tomorrow. superior court judge joelan gentry heard arguments from both
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opponents say petitions to get the prop on the ballot in the first place were misleading. by not providing a full explanation of the piece of legislation. the campaign to regulate marijuana like alcohol says the suit is just an attempt to keep voters from deciding. prop 205 will allow arizonans 21 years of age and older to possess up to an ounce of marijuana and could grow up to six plants for personal use. 15%. it's an unlikely find when someone finds a stretren's lost dog tags in an empty field this is the area where a man from washington found those dog tags. they are about 12 feet under a pile of mud and apparently they had been missing for a very long time. turns out they belong to a veteran living right here in arizona, deborah kay dennis. they have got in contact with deborah's daughter named courtney who doesn't live too
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>> it's super random. i mean, my mom was in the army a long time ago. for someone to find it and then find me is amazing. >> courtney says that she can't wait to tell her mom about the discovery and learn how her mom managed to lose those tags so many years ago. after the break, part of jfk airport is evacuated earlier tonight after reports of gunshots. we will have an update in just plus the trurp campaign clarify -- trump campaign clarifying comments about president obama, quote, founding isis. what they say the candidate meant. i have to tell you, kristy and linda have been after me to add culture to the sports show so here it is. once upon a midnight dreary while i pondered weak and weary over many acquaint -- i'm saying this because ron wolfley will
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his own vocabulary. he joins us tonight on the arizona cardinals. and by the way it was a four time pro bowl special teamer for the cardinals way back when. ron wolfley unplugged and it's entertaining insightful. don't miss it plus running backs coach stump mitchell on the very deep and talented running back corps of the cardinals and sun devil fans, we return forgetting you tonight. damer you richard, running back, asu, we sit
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a scare at j- quite a scare at jfk international airport in new york city tonight. someone reported hearing shots fired. police shut down the airport while they investigated. they say those reports seemed to be unfounded. they found nothing. reports of shots fired came from two different terminals but police again saying they didn't find anything evidence of gunfire. inbound flights were held off for a couple of hours to be safe. in the aftermath of milwaukee's violent and chaotic out burst, businesses and the community are trying to pick up the pieces from last night. when police shot and killed an armed black man in wisconsin last night, protesters and all sorts of other people joined in and started rioting, burning down businesses. police squad cars were destroyed and sveral people were hurt. overall 17 people were
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neighborhood and work with the city together as a state because everyone in our state is worthy of going to bed at night safe. and waking up in the morning with an opportunity to succeed. >> we are told the officer who shot the man is a 24-year-old african-american with several years of police experience. they also say the body cam footage won't be available for quite awhile. >> you decide 2016. governor mike pence goes on fox news sunday to try what donald trump meant by his statement that president obama is the founder of isis. trump says by pulling troops out of iraq when he, did obama allowed isis to grow and thrive and gain more power. so he said obama is the founder of that islamic state group. trump later responded to critics saying he was just being sarcastic but that doesn't necessarily align with what his running mate is saying.
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and he was making a point that needs to be made. that there is no question that the failed policies of president barack obama and secretary of state hillary clinton in the wider middle east created a vacuum within iraq and which isis was able to arise. there is no question. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton is taking the weekend off. she is away from the campaign trail. this after she released her 2015 tax returns well, after a couple of weeks an active monsoon of plenty of rain and stick a conditions, we were finally seeing a drier weather pattern in place. i will give you the details
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the start of your workweek, i know a lot of you don't want to hear that, but it's going to be a dry start for those that are tired of the sticky condition. cooling down nicely this evening. we will continue to see those temperatures dropping into the most of the moisture we are seeing is well to the south if not the east of us. instead for arizona we are going to see to start the week are dry and very warm conditions. take a look at those numbers across the valley now. we are at 95 for deer valley. down to 91 in maricopa. and check out florence already in the mid-80s there apache junction at 89. 92 in wickenburg. cave creek below 90-degree mark. normal temperature for today 106
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came in above that at 106 degrees. if you remember last year around this time it was quite warm. we hit 117 in the afternoon. usually we see those very warm and dry temps in july. those are often when we see those records. not the case. this time last year a toasty one. you have been tracking i'm sure all of the active weather we have been seeing along the gulf it's historic event from mississippi and louisiana, water continuing to make its way through those secs of the state. in feng from 20 to 30 inches of rain in select locations over the past three days for those two states and thunderstorm activity continues to creep through the tennessee valley into the ohio valley. this is where we can see some isolated pocks of flooding not only tomorrow but into the next several days as well. back to arizona. things will remain pretty dry out there. we will see 90 tonight for lake havasu. 88 for bullhead city. in the upper 60s for globe tonight.
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tomorrow quite a warm one for lake havasu, bullhead city 114. slightly cool for the yuma. payson not bad. 80 for flag. and then 91 degrees for douglas. tonight cooling down into those mid-80s across the valley. a little cloud cover out there. into tomorrow we should be dry. slight chance of seeing some storms firing into the higher terrain but we will see a little move activity out there as we get into the end of the workweek. that's when we see those temperatures cooling down. briefly we could squeeze a little rain out for the valley. if not the higher elevation areas just outside of it. i know you hoping it will arrive at the cross streets of x and y why you live -- where you live but no promises. >> i will drive to the cross streets of x and y where it is. >> even in new mexico, she will go. >> get out of your back yard and can't sit and wait for it. that's for sure. >> that's true. >> let's talk to guns and roses fans. they are tweeting us.
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tomorrow's big concert. we've got an update on how crews are prepping university of
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phoenix getting a big ruling into town. we were talking about guns and roses. they will i tomorrow night. lott of people so excited for this but it's not really very simple getting the drum set set up and microphone. we have a look at all of the work that's happening behind the scenes today to get ready for the big show tomorrow. they will be playing at university of phoenix stadium. but they got a lot of building to do still there. they are 20 trucks, 250 crew members.
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night and tickets are still available as of the last time we checked.
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final look at your ten day to get you started and ready for the workweek. 10. for tomorrow. we should see sunny skies and warm conditions to get the week started and then a slight chance of storms back into the forecast for your w friday and it looks like a better chance of seeing rain right here in the valley. >> that's right. we have a really good chance also. i would like to forecast football is coming our way and everyone is getting ready especially jude lacava. >> better be a good forecast or it will be unhappy. >> it's a great forecast. it's going to get even more exciting as we get closer to the regular season. the first pre-season game is in the books. so what are the takeaways? we turn to twitter and some of
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game. we will check in with the cardinals before they leave with their trip to san diego. and with that, we will turn to ron wolfley, one of the more unique colorful distinctive analysts in all of pro football. in case you forgot, he was four time pro bowl selection on special team for the cardinals way back when. unique and distinctive. he will talk special teams and tell you a few things you haven't heard before and then we will go retro again. remember t number 30 stump mitchell happens to be the current running backs coach for the cardinals. who better to talk to about david johnson, about kris johnson, about andre ellington than stump mitchell himself. yeah, it's going to be fun to get his take on the very deep and talented running back core.
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